What does advocacy look like at the local level?

Advocacy is providing people with education, support, and tools to live a meaningful and productive life fully included in their communities. Advocacy provides Services, Education and Socialization for members of the Arc Downriver and those in our community that request our help.


Members and others in our community contact the Arc Downriver through phone calls and emails directly to the Arc Downriver office and from agencies such as Michigan Alliance for Families and Wayne RESA. The requests are for help with housing, mental health services, educational services, household needs such as food, utilities and furniture and transportation. We also help to retain services for support staff due to behavior issues.


Members and others in the community request services from the Arc Advocacy Education group for IEP’s, PCP’s and aspects of MiAble, Special Needs Trusts and Fiduciary issues. The Arc assists clients to get the supports and services necessary for a meaningful life. Our goal is to help those in need to learn to self-advocate for themselves, if at all possible.


The Arc provides socialization through the Adventure Club, and we have implemented arts and crafts classes the second Saturday of each month. While this class has been slow to start, members are beginning to attend on a regular basis. There is no additional cost to the members for these classes as it remains a part of the official membership cost.

As part of getting our members out into the community on a regular basis, the Advocates are branching out and offering Field Trips to our members such as pottery classes from an outside vendor.

Painting Party Fundraisers

Bi-monthly painting parties are offered to all interested parties at the Arc Downriver office.